For whom?

For everyone who has young people in their lives!

Whether you are a parent or grandparent, teacher, coach or engage with children regularly:

The intention of Connected Being is to support you in moving towards more energy, connection and self-confidence in your relationship with the children in your life!

We offer online courses for you to learn Connecting Communication with other parents/educators in a safe and interactive setting and 1-on-1 sessions to explore a more personal theme in depth.

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May 6th from 8:00 GMT - 9:30 GMT

The Power of Connecting Communication

with young people!


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Discover how authenticity brings more connection than having to be the 'calm & understanding' parent!

Develop the ability to open yourself up more and more to the essence of what children want to say, regardless of how they say it!

Learn about tools and insights that can support you in transforming power struggles into collaboration!

Learn to connect to the deeper needs of both you and your child!

Discover how understanding and communicating your feelings & needs

can help you to become the parent/educator you want to be!

Join us on April 10th from 8:00 GMT - 9:30 GMT via Zoom

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A replay will be available if you can't make it live!

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Register for the FREE online workshop The Power of Connecting Communication

Online course

via zoom

6 TUESDAY evenings

19:30 (GMT) - 22:00 (GMT)

starts May 21, 2024

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Connecting with children focuses on an essential life skill for every person on this earth: communication! By exploring and practicing the basic principles of Connecting Communication, we gain a simple, super powerful and effective tool that can help us connect with all people in our lives!

In this course we will explore how intentional empathic connection can be used to create special moments - Connecting Play - in which children are fully seen, heard and understood in their authenticity. Through this acknowledgment, children have the opportunity to process their impressions, release stored stress, nurture a robust self-image, and experience enhanced well-being!

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Connecting with children is a journey into communication grounded in mutual understanding and respect. Our focus is on converting power struggles into collaboration, driven by intrinsic motivation. Instead of striving to be the 'calm and understanding' parent, you'll discover the art of connecting with your deeper needs and those of your child. From this foundation, you can both authentically show up and a flow of love and connection can arise, even in the midst of challenging moments.

Topics that will be covered:

  • How empathic listening gives you access to the essence of what children want to express regardless of how they do it.
  • How to stay connected when your child has BIG emotions; and how to authentically give space to anger, sadness, fear and pain.
  • Learn the art of self-connection to be able to communicate what is really important to you in a connective way.
  • How to move beyond threats and punishments!
  • Learn to say (and hear!) 'no' in a way that creates space for compassion and creativity.
  • Giving feedback without telling children what they did right or wrong!
  • And more!

In the sessions we cover the theory of connecting communication and dive into practice so that we develop an embodied understanding. You are invited to work with examples from your daily life in the form of demonstrations, role play and exercises. There is also the opportunity to further explore and integrate what you have learned by practicing weekly with an 'empathy buddy' from the course (optional).

An assistant is present during the course. This is an experienced and trained practitioner in Nonviolent Communication and they will provide extra support and an empathic presence in the group.

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Dutch course

"In our group of 9, to be safe enough to open up and share our vulnerabilities, the things we feel ashamed and guilty about in relation to our children/partners, is very liberating. It felt like coming home. I wish everyone connecting communication skills. It will make the world a more

beautiful place."

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Dutch course

"The course excels in interactivity; group discussions and practical examples make the theories immediately applicable and vivid. This approach is particularly useful for anyone in parenting or education, or for those who want to communicate better with children and adults."


The online course takes place via Zoom on 6 Tuesday evenings

from 7:30 PM (GMT) to 9:30 PM (GMT).

  • May 21
  • May 28
  • June 4
  • June 11
  • 18 June
  • 25 June

The lessons will be recorded and are available for replay up to a week after the session so that you can watch a (missed) lesson.

The exchange for 6 sessions is 450 euros. When you register, you make a deposit to reserve your spot. The remainder is due during the last week of the course.

For us money is never a reason not to learn Connecting Communication. This is why we have two “social spots” available each round of courses (€200). Please get in touch to apply.


To register, kindly send an email to Once we receive your deposit, we will promptly send you pertinent details about the course and the online platform. If you require additional information to determine if this course aligns with your needs, feel free to get in touch. We're here to help!

I am Sarah

I am a mother of three (ages 8, 11, and 13). For the past 7 years, I've been dedicated to education as a teacher at a Steiner school in The Netherlands, fostering deep connections with numerous children and their parents.

Since September 2022, I've been residing in Ireland, surrounded by nature, embarking on a regenerative project. My aim is to explore innovative approaches to nurture the education of (my) children. I am passionate about discovering the skills and experiences that support young individuals in growing into grounded, free-thinking beings, ready to contribute to humanity's journey towards a harmonious and connected life on Earth.

A special theme in my life is conflict and connection between people. Since 2018, I have been committed to learning Nonviolent Communication as a language and life intention. I studied and assisted at the Connecting2Life institute for NVC, (where I followed the year courses for NVC trainer and mediator, and many other trainings).

Without a doubt, Nonviolent Communication offers me a lifelong learning process!

I feel inspired to share my experience with Nonviolent Communication and how it has deepened my relationships with the people in my life and myself. This language gives me a tangible way to create opportunities for connection and clarity in my life. It also gives me the confidence that I can encounter the humanity of others in every conceivable situation. It is my dream that everyone has the opportunity to learn Non Violent Communication as a language of life and peace!


Motherhood stands as the most transformative experience of my life. Beyond the unparalleled joy and wonder that accompanies connecting with my children, it unveils another dimension for me.

My children serve as mirrors, reflecting the shadows within myself. They consistently bring me into contact with the places where I unconsciously carry pain.

In this sense, my children are my Gurus. They extend an invitation to listen deeply to myself, encouraging introspection, the release of what no longer serves, and a journey towards greater wholeness. Through their reflections, they guide me in investigating and embracing the aspects that need healing, ultimately fostering profound personal growth.

Motherhood, with all its facets, becomes a sacred and transformative path of self-discovery and evolution.

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One-on-one session

Intention: Supporting you in the movement towards more energy, connection and self-confidence in parenting!

My dream is that as parents we would have a resource to call on during challenging moments with our children. Someone who understands the complexity of guiding young ones on their path to adulthood.

For those moments when you feel stuck or overwhelmed in how to support your child. Or perhaps you would like to give focused attention to their development and understand and connect to your child on a layer deeper. Or, you are simply searching for that little bit of extra inspiration to support your child through a life transition or new phase. Imagine a world where you don’t have to carry these questions alone.

In my 1 on 1 sessions I intend to be exactly the guide for you that I personally would love to have. Without judgment or unsolicited advice. I meet you exactly where you are. I will create a space where you can safely express your honesty and vulnerability.

My way of working is deeply rooted in empathy (non-violent communication) and is based on the trust that if you can share what lives deeply within you, you (slowly) start to move towards renewed inspiration, and healing can arise. I trust that the answer lies largely within ourselves. When we really make space to listen, M A G I C can happen!

If practical support is needed, I am here to provide attention and explore practical solutions together. Let's embark on a journey of inspiration, discovering tools that can be integrated into your daily life with your child. Drawing inspiration from the realms of raising children and self-development, I integrate principles from Anthroposophy, play therapy, breathwork, visualization techniques, meditation, developmental psychology, and neuroscience.

Practical & Registration

The sessions take place online via zoom or video call and are tailored to your questions and needs.

I work in 3-4 session blocks where we meet weekly or fortnightly.


3 sessions: €350,00

4 sessions: €400,00

The sessions last 90 minutes.

For more information and registration: send an email to

Let's connect

Curious about something? Do you have a question or would you like to share something? I'd love to hear from you!



+353 (0)85 1034583


@connecting with children

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